Saturday, August 28, 2010

I've decided.

I've decided to combine my two blogs into one. 

Since I started blogging, I've had two separate sites... one for my writings on random stuff and one for my 12-of-12 Photo Project (this one).  I'm not exactly sure why I set it up that way, but I did. 

Recently, I've been wondering why I did it and deliberating as to whether or not I wanted to move to just one site.  Today the decision finally came down and I've merged my blogs into a single site.

From now on, my 12-of-12 can be found here:

Please come visit, see my photos and read my ramblings.

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as the official 12 of 12 project will end in a few months, i think it's only logical to merge them. i'll be switching your url on my blogroll now.