Friday, February 12, 2010

February 2010

Remember those potpies I got the day of our last 12th?  We just had them for dinner.  YUM!

It's February 12th, folks!  Time to participate in Chad Darnell's 12-of-12 Project.  What's the 12-of-12?  You really should know by now, but if you don't... it's a fun photo project that has you post 12 photos from your day, on the 12th of the month each month of the year.  Chad says this is the last "official" year... we'll see if we can get him to keep it going.  :)

So what happened today?  Today's theme, as it turns out (not by any conscious decision), was "Buffalo Buildings & Food".  Strange, I know... it's how things went today.  Take a look:

Breakfast with Jerilyn!
After months and months of trying to set a date, we finally got one.  HOORAY!  Pano's Restaurant in Buffalo, NY is a must for visitors to our city.

Below is the view from our table (on the 2nd floor of the restaurant).  Elmwood Ave is an eclectic street... with businesses and residences all in one.

(Jer, if you're reading this, it was SO good to see you - we MUST dine together again soon.  If we start planning now, we might see each other by June.)

Move that bus!
I never thought the TV show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition would come to Buffalo... but they did!  Last fall they visited the West Side and built this home for the Powell family.

I told 'im we already got one!
Bet ya didn't know that Buffalo has a castle.  Well, technically no.  But the Connecticut Street Armory sure does look like one.  See for yourself...

Lunch time!
It's midday and I'm getting hungry.  I have an apple and some grapes, but that's not enough.  But what else to have?  Then I drive by this place...
This is the birthplace of (Buffalo) Wings!  In 1964, Teressa Bellissimo, owner of the Anchor Bar of Buffalo made these for her son and some friends as a late night snack.  The rest, is history!
I didn't have lunch at the Anchor Bar, sadly.  I'm trying to "be good" and not eat high fat foods like Chicken Wings.  So, instead, I opted for this:

Take-out sushi.
Oh, and this is part of the reason why chicken wings off the list of lunch-time foods.  Earlier this week I registered for my first Triathlon.  It's not for a while now (July 4th weekend), but I want to get into shape sooner rather than later.  This book was a gift from a friend.  "Don't take the title the wrong way" she says... "just read it."  So I am.  And I'm loving it so far.  Jayne Williams, the author, makes me feel I can easily accomplish this goal I've set for myself.  Easily.  With training.  Training starts later this month (sort-of already has with my daily workouts).

If I didn't already have other plans for this Saturday night,  it's possible I'd be coming here.  St John's Grace Episcopal Church is the host location for Buffalo Gay Bingo!
This ain't your grandma's bingo... this 1000-times more colorful, rowdy, and there are WAY more drag queens in the room (or so I assume... ya never know).  Plus, after each winner is announced the whole group shouts "B*TCH" at the top of their lungs and points at the winner.  (we were all thinking it, after all.)

Around the corner from St. John's are these beauties... there are LOTS more like it in the area, but these two are my favorite from the day.

A view from the porch -
Finally, here's the 2nd in this year's series of Views from the Front Porch.  As mentioned in January's 12-of-12, each month I'm going to take a picture of the same "corner" of the yard, while standing on my porch.  Not much has changed since January... still have snow (altho not as much as some in the country right now), but the days are getting longer and there's the promise of warmer temps soon.  

Well that's all for this month!  
Remember to kiss your Valentine on Sunday (and everyday).