Monday, October 20, 2008

October 2008

Sunday, October 12th - Day THREE of our long weekend... we spent every day "leaf peeping" as the locals say. Leaf Peepers are (usually) the city folks who head out to the country to see the amazing colors of the leaves.

The pictures were taken in Cherry Creek, NY, USA (a tiny town about 60 miles south of Buffalo, NY). We left the house at Noon and got home around 6pm... my shots are from somewhere in that time-range.

Click on this LINK to see the full 12-of-12 set.

- Jill

New fun stuff: 12-of-12

Today is October 20th. Earlier this month I participated in the 12-of-12 for the first time.

What is the 12-of-12 you ask? I don't know the whole story (will post when I do), but from my POV, I learned about it from PodCacher. They, from what I understand, "borrowed" the concept from a blogger named Chad Darnell. He's the originator of the 12-of-12.

Soooo... what IS the 12-of 12, Jill?!

Twelve photos
taken on the 12th day
of each month.

Neat concept, eh?

I love photography, so I hope to participate each month. I think my major hang-up will be that I want creative photos for each month.... and some of my 12ths are pretty boring.
I guess we'll see.

- Jill