Friday, March 12, 2010

March 2010

12 photos
on the 12th day
12 months of the year

Thanks, as always, to Chad Darnell, originator of the 12-of-12 Project.
Not the most exciting or creative photos this month... could it be because I woke up to rain after a BEAUTIFUL, warm, sunny day yesterday?  Hmmmm, maybe.  TGIF, everyone! 

6:30-8:30am:  Home
These aren't the sneakers I wore for my workout this morning...  but I just HAD to include them in my 12.  I bought them last weekend so I could start running/training for my first Triathlon (in July).  In addition to their very cool colors, I'm totally psyched that by buying them, a donation is made to the Komen Foundation - to fight breast cancer!

Instead of jumping in the car first thing this morning, my team had an 8am conference call, so I got to stay home for a bit.  Let's see - computer, phone, coffee, bagel - I'm ready!

My favorite boy, TaterBug, was hangin' out - giving me the sad eyes when I was on my way out the door after the call.  The good news?  Only working half a day today!

51-degrees out!  HOORAY!  
Rainy, tho.  BOO!
BTW - that's Spot, the cow, on the right

9:00am - Noon:  Buffalo, NY
I was back in Buffalo again this month.  These shots are taken in and around downtown.

City Hall

The Federal Court Building

Buffalo Savings Bank Building 
(Now M&T Bank, the Electric Tower in the background)

The Electric Tower

1:00pm: On my way home!
A TON of snow has melted these last few days - temps have been in the 40s and 50s - so the creeks are turning into fast-moving rivers.  AND, little run-offs are turning into beautiful waterfalls.  This one is a hidden treasure on Route 240.

Our little girl got some new shoes, too!
Winter may be almost over, but the kids still need boots for those rough terrains we hike through sometimes.  Here's Mackie trying on her new NeoPaws.

A view from the porch - 
Can you see the mist?  We're making our own fog today - with warm air and cold snow.  We still have over a foot of snow on the ground, but it's receding quickly.  I expect the majority will be gone by next month, assuming we don't get any major storms between now and then... which one can never count out in March.

This month's shots are kind of a "half-12-of-12" since they were all taken before 3pm.  Not much happened since then:  I read for a bit, did some chores, and now we're contemplating dinner.  If anything photo-worthy happens tonight, I'll be sure to add it... a bonus shot, if you will.  If not, I'll see ya next month!