Saturday, August 28, 2010

I've decided.

I've decided to combine my two blogs into one. 

Since I started blogging, I've had two separate sites... one for my writings on random stuff and one for my 12-of-12 Photo Project (this one).  I'm not exactly sure why I set it up that way, but I did. 

Recently, I've been wondering why I did it and deliberating as to whether or not I wanted to move to just one site.  Today the decision finally came down and I've merged my blogs into a single site.

From now on, my 12-of-12 can be found here:

Please come visit, see my photos and read my ramblings.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

August 2010

I wasn't sure what kind of shots I'd get today...
... it started out a little rainy, then got sunny.
... it's a work day.
... I didn't have anywhere particularly "fun" to go.

But, it's the 12th, so I needed to gather 12 photos for the 12-of-12.  For more info, visit Chad Darnell's page... he's the guy who started this all & who posts the links to other 12-of-12ers.

Time to sweat with Debbie Siebers.
Since I'm in the basement (with the camera), I stop at the "Wall" and snap a shot of all the yummy goodness that I've been making since June.  What's your favorite jam?  Apricot, Cherry, Cherry-Almond, Nectarine, Blueberry, Blueberry-Nectarine, or Strawberry?
Walking out the front door, camera in hand, and who is visiting my Rose of Sharon?  The hummingbird!  (see her just to the right of the highest flower?)
UGH!  I hate road work.  It happens ALL SUMMER LONG in Buffalo, NY.  Maybe it's because we have 8-months of winter!??!
I couldn't help but think of Frankenstein when I saw this cement "face".  The rain even gave if the look of hair.

(nothing to see here)

Home again & I have a couple new flowers in bloom this month.

Got a little "artsy" with this shot.  My dad made me this bird house years ago... but it was never occupied.  Now it sits just outside my front door.

It was a warm & humid day today.   What better way to cool down that with some "light" reading.  I'm almost done with David Copperfield by Charles Dickens; page 814.
From where I'm sitting... the world looks like this... ahhhhhhh.
Then, I moved to another chair, to see things from another angle...
 (this squirrel had to be almost 100-feet off the ground!)

View from the porch:
The Trumpet Vine has flowered (making my front yard Hummingbird Heaven) and the new grass is growing.  It wasn't a spectacular year for my flowering plants... but with all the shade we get, I shouldn't be surprised.  Maybe next year, I'll add more hostas to the gardens; they love shade.

Hope you're having a wonderful August.   See you next month!