Monday, October 12, 2009

October 2009

Is it the 12th already??? Wow, time is flying.  Here's my set for the October 12-of-12.  Created by Chad Darnell, the 12-of-12 is a photo project where participants post 12 photos from their day on the 12th day of each month.  Enjoy!

It's Columbus Day here in The States, so a number of people have a holiday/vacation day today; I didn't.  BUT, I took the day off to recover from our 4-day trip to Fairhaven/New Bedford, Mass.  It was a wonderful relaxing, slow-moving day.

10:00AM:  We started the day off right with a breakfast of Massa (Portuguese Sweet Bread) French Toast - the bread came from an amazing little bakery down the street from our friends' home in New Bedford, MA.

I enjoyed the warmth from the fireplace and spent some time correcting a major boo-boo in my knitting project afterward.

3:00PM:  We need a walk & pumpkins!

This week, we start up our exercise routine again.  The weekend was full of food, food, food, so it's time to get back on the wagon and back into shape.  The Forestry is just the place to start...

Mackie asks Daddy for a cookie.
Please, Daddy?

4:00PM:  On the way out, I notice a few things that I've never paid much attention to during our walks here (which are at least once a week).

A soft-leaf plant; today holding a fallen Maple leaf.

How impressive the ends of the logs look today... so much activity on what should be such an inert piece. 

C'mon, TaterBug!  Time to go.

Today was also PUMPKIN day.  We stopped at a local farm to grab a pumpkin and some gourds for the start of our fall decorating.

6:00PM:  We'll get another pumpkin on Saturday, and carve it up for Halloween.  But for today, we tried out something new... making Spiders out of gourds!  We found this cool little kit while shopping at The Sea Witch Gifts in Fairhaven, MA.

Here's the before:

... and the after!

7:30PM:  As I type, the pups and I are relaxing by a lovely fire (again).  There's been talk of a marshmallow or two in a bit.  Gotta finish posting, first.  I'd hate to get marshmallow goo all over the keyboard.  So, to sign off, I'll share our fire with you.  Can't you just feel the happy warmth radiating through the monitor?  :)

Cheers!  See you next month!