Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May 2010

Well this is just great...
it's a work day and it's raining (again!).
Will I ever get a really nice day for my 12-of-12 this year?!?
You wouldn't think so.
Next month the 12th falls on a Saturday and I'm running in my first 5K - the Susan G. Komen Race for  Cure - so it's gotta be a good day.  Right???

Either way, thanks as always, to Chad Darnell - creator of the 12-of-12 - who had the brilliant idea to have folks from around the world post 12 shots of their day on the 12th day of each of the 12 months.  Visit his site to see more 12-of-12ers... and post your own!

And on with the show...

The kids had the chance to do exactly what I wanted to do... they stayed in bed and slept late.  Notice there is no longer any space on the bed for humans and all the pillows are occupied.

On my way into work, I stopped at the bike shop to check on the status of my bike.  It's getting a tune up in preparation for the triathlon... a little less than 8 weeks to go.
As I was walking back to my car, I heard a what sounded like a ton of rushing water behind the shop.  I was right.  The rain really got the creek riled up.

Need gas (not bad at $3.07/gallon).  No, the sexy little Camero is not mine... but it was nice to include in my shot.  (I tried to be inconspicuous... taking the picture out my back window.)

3:00PM (approximately)
The rest of the morning and into the early afternoon there was nothing interesting to photograph.

Then I passed by "The M.U.L.E" - those of you who played video games in the 80's might recognize this guy.  The "8-pixel" Mule you would use when you went to 'hunt the wumpus'.

It's actually part of the Niagara Power & Pump Plant in Lewiston, NY.  Not sure of the exact purpose this giant metal box serves, but it's always there... the hubby and I are pretty sure it's a crane of some sort.

Spring in Buffalo has arrived... the ice is gone from the river and the boats are returning to their slips.

Almost home... I couldn't resist stopping by another waterfall.  This is an updated shot of the same location photographed in March.  Again, no more ice and lots of water flowing thanks to two days of rain.

When I get home, it's time to let the kids out and take a peek at the gardens.  Any flowers yet?
Not many... except my Purple Myrtle.
The corner garden is doing well.  No blooms yet & it needs mulch, too.  I'll try to get to that this month.

Time to swim!  I don't usually swim on Wednesdays, but I found out on Monday that the pool is closing for construction on Friday (they're ripping up the old tiles and putting in new ones, so we'll have a nice new pool this fall).  So I got one last workout in before I need to find a new place to swim.  UGH!

I know, who gets excited about shampoo???  I don't usually, but when the hubby and I were on our "honeymoon" last week, the lodge we were staying at had this amazing smelling shampoo for the guests.  We had to see if it was available here... and, well, it was!  HOORAY!

(NOTE:  If you want to see some really nice photos - loads better than today's 12 - click on the 'honeymoon' link above.  Good stuff).

After the swim workout, it's time to relax with a book.  This is what I'm reading now...
The Elegance of the Hedgehog, the May selection for my Book Club.  Not sure about this one... kind of a downer thus far.  Maybe it will pick up once I get past the first few chapters (I'm on Chapter 3 now).  Anyone want to comment???  Love to hear your thoughts.

A View from the Porch
My final shot for May is my monthly view from the front porch.  The lawn got its first mowing of the year on Monday and has been soaking up rain showers since then, so it's looking lush and green.

That's it for another rainy month around Buffalo.  Around here, it's 'May showers bring June flowers' - so next month you should see LOTS of color.  I know you'll see lots of Pink since the Komen Run is all about the Pink Ribbons.

See you then!


Buffalo Girl said...

hey I use that shampoo too! Love seeing the garden starting its new spring life. See you on the 12th at the race! PMR


that's why my kitty has her own room with a door i can close for some peace at night.
otherwise, she climbs in my bed and go for the legs. but as i turn and toss a lot, i occasionally get woken up by muffled cries, as she got smothered in between layers of the duvet...
you know, you could have turned this into a swimsuit issue... looking forward to your triathlon!!

Sunny Archibald said...

Your yard is so lush and green. I love the dog, I'm off to see your "honeymoon" shots. See you next month.

seifenmacherin said...

Hope you´r doing well at the triathlon. Good luck!

The skirt is ready now, it´s on my blog!

lovesmukiwa said...

It's very green there.. can't wait for the flowers!

Martini Dan said...

Love the waterfall photo the best because I love waterfalls. Thanks for sharing your day!

Pete said...

I'm with Dan, I love the waterfall as well Jill. Looking forward to seeing some sunshine and colour next month.
Good luck with the triathlon!

Dogeared said...

What an amazingly lush and green place you live in - must be wonderful! And yay for spring coming to brighten things up a bit more for you.

Love the pups on the bed photo - talk about creature comforts!

Cross-posted here as you might not see my reply on my Blog - my hair is quite a light brown, though it can seem quite dark in normal photos. I think the bathroom lighting just highlighted the auburny tone - sometimes in sunlight, I do see some definite red/auburn tints!

~Sheryl said...

Hi Jill,
Lovely 12 of 12. Every morning when my husband leaves for work, Tyler (our chocolate lab) takes his space... and his pillow. I guess that's where they got the phrase "lucky dog" lol.

Thanks for stopping by my site. You have a very nice yard too!!

Regina said...

Yes, you are right, it is awful when the 12th falls on rainy workday ... but you still managed to make lovely pictures - I specially like the one with the dogs spreading out on your bed. Going to find out now where buffalo is and to have a look at your earlier views from your porch

Lucrecia Bloggia said...

Too funny to see your dogs having a lazy morning in bed!!

I wish you the best of luck for your triathlon! Can't wait to see your pictures of that day!

elizabeth said...

looks like a pretty decent day to me considering you had to work! And May 12 is H's birthday of course! June 12 is Paul's. July 12 is Taylor's and I have nieces and nephews on 12s too. Odd, huh? Anyway, great shots as always! <3